Friday, January 28, 2011


Our crew just got bigger. Let's welcome our newest authors. Here's a brief description about each author.

Mirel APOSTOL - Tech Mastermind
- he got his title for a good reason, he's the most skilled developer/architect I met so far. There's no technology he can't master or teach others. But his skills go beyong programming, Mirel being a good manager/leader. He proved himself in each and every project he was a part of. He has a good sense of humour, enthusiasm and he is the man you need on your side, if you want to get your business forward :) Let's all welcome Mirel.

Octavian CUCUTA - Software Developer
- and a very good friend of mine. Tavi is the developer that thinks in general terms and the code he writes can serve more than just the problem it was written for. Design is also one of his skills. Tavi puts passion in every single line of code he writes, he documents his job very well and, to be honest, am glad I can collaborate with him. Let's welcome Tavi.

Walter HAUPTMANN - Business Consultant
- my friend, my neighbour, my colleague, my managing partner @ CWS. Walter started as a developer and now he's a very skilled business analyst, consultant and project manager. He often has innovative ideas and likes to express himself via design, painting being one of his hobbies. Also, he's the funniest man I've met. In my opinion, he should consider a stand-up comedian career :) Let's welcome Walter.

Alina ANDREESCU - Software Developer
- a lovely and funny presence, very smart and skilled .NET developer. She's the type of person that treats all the tasks seriously, making the final products work smooth. Alina is a bit shy, so let's encourage her writing skill :) Let's welcome Alina.

Radu CHIRAN - Business Consultant
- he's the party-animal type. I can't imagine a good party, without him there. He's more of a dancer than human (to quote the famous song). Radu also has the vision of a product manager. He can easily track business goals & needs and analyse them, so coders can make it happen. Also, his sense of humour is one thing you'll surely notice if you get the honor to meet him in person. All my respect for him, let's welcome Radu.

Daniel PINSLER - Software Developer
- and also a very good product support professional who likes to get the job done well. If you got a question with no answer, don't worry, he has all the answers (yes boys & girls, when you have a dilemma, contact Dani). He also loves house music and house events and. Let's welcome Daniel.

Nikolay EFTIMOV - Solutions Architect
- I met Nikolay in a Microsoft vs. Oracle PoC competition. He made a real good impression. He easily masters more than just Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The final product he worked on for that competition was more than I personally expected. He's a skilled coder & architect and I'm sure there's no task he can't complete. Let's welcome Nikolay.

Ciprian MOCANU - Web Developer
- he's the best friend one can have. He's a very skilled web developer, leading MBE to success daily (he's "the duck behind the operation"). Let's all welcome Ciprian.

Cornel CROITORIU - Senior Software Developer & Founder
- My mission is simple. Here's why I did this: "Because I strongly believe that a good business solution is a must for every business, no matter the stage. This blog will help both developers & consultants achieve their goals, making the final product exactly what the customer wanted."

And a song I hope from all my heart that this blog will be one day, thanks to all of you - the community. Welcome to the new!


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